Friday, 28 August 2015


In year 7/8 we do a thing called discovery. You get to research anything you want i am doing how to create a simple computer coding. I think it is really cool and i do not know anything about it and i learn something new that i never knew before.


This week for reading we have had it go for two weeks. And i think the quality is improved in my work i got my before after inference and must do's done. With a lot of quality i think that having reading going over two weeks has stop'ed me rushing my work. I now like reading a lot more then i did.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


in science we did an experiment with citrus acid and baking soda. We put the baking soda and citrus acid in water with a balloon and it blew the balloon up it blew up really big it is my second favorite activity at the moment along with the fire experiment science is really fun. I have learnt some new scientific words. 9165845_orig.jpg (600×380)


this week for reading we read was called street lights it is about going trough long lines of traffic. We also did an authors purpose sheet. I have finished my reading for the week. Something i thought that this was interesting that a lady is going blind because she drunk to much red bull she drunk 24 cans of red bull a day it cost her 1065 dollars a month.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Koru games

In September I am going to play football for Koru games and every Wednesday  we practice with my team.My whole team hopes that we will do really well. The team we will find the hardest is Sumner because we lost to them In winter sport.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


at oaklands the year 7/8 get leadership roles i'm the person who runs the computer at whole school asembelys.


in science we have been doing experiments one of the experiments we did was the traffic light it was lots of cool colers all mixed together.


this week for maths we had to do a math revision sheet it was realy hard.and I struggled but I was resilient and carried on I hope next week it will be a bit easier.


This week for writing we are doing speeches i am doing is it ever ok to lie. I think it is sometimes ok to lie our our W.A.L.T was t to learn to write ma persuasive writing.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Week 3 term 2 reading

In reading this week we did the before activity's the inference activity's we also did the teacher session and the must do's I have finished this weeks reading and all the do's the activity's some of the activity's we have to do are the summery activity the Arthur's purpose then we go to a teacher session this is a photo of this weeks reading