Thursday, 24 September 2015

things i have done well

This term I have done well. This term is finishing my S.D.L I liked it a lot and can't wait for next term's S.D.L. Something else I have done well is helping people when they need it it feel's good when you help them when they need it. the last thing I have done well is playing fair when I went to the winter sport canterbury tornament we came fourth in that tornament. Something i could improove on is keeping my noise level down when we are going to technology. Something else I could improove on is getting back to class earlier. The last thing could improove on is using puncuation in my writing.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

Over the last three day's I have enjoyed playing football/soccer, because our team worked really well and we got the best result ever in football at Oakland's!. Thinking back to when we started practicing i have inproved on my passing skill's. Overall I found the Koru Games very fun and i can't wait till next year to happen and there mayby be some new sport's.