Friday, 2 September 2016

Water cycle

The water cycle is a cycle that continues and it never ends. Parts of a water cycle are Precipitation, Condensation, Runoff, and evaporation The water cycle is an invisible process that pretty much just recycles water.
Evaporation. Evaporation is when the sun heats up and takes little water droplets from lakes rivers and the ocean  (it goes into the air form the clouds.)`
1.when the evaporation process happens it is invisible because it happens in small proportions and at different times.
2.If you leave a teaspoon of water sitting on the table and then you come back a few hours later  the water will be gone.
3.On hot days the evaporation chance is greater than on cold days because the heat sucks up the water. After the water turns to a gas it goes into the atmosphere.

Condensation/precipitation condensation is when water droplets and dust go up into the clouds and  then they go  into the clouds and  they combine, to form precipitation and then it and the world is condensation
1. When the water droplets form they become precipitation and then it rains and the cycle will happen again
2.Clouds are formed from water droplets which is called condensation.
3.Condensation is completely different to evaporation because they both do different jobs in the water cycle
Condensation /precipitation make runoff/groundwater.

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